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BKHondamotive: Of our own Accord, our Civic duty is the Prelude to an Odyssey.


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Welcome to the Web Site of
God Bless America                   BK Hondamotive                   God Bless America

Few times, as in never, will you normally find this area of our page interrupted. However, under the circumstances of Sept. 11th, we think it's warranted.
We at BK Hondamotive would, first and foremost, like to extend our most heartfelt sympathies to each and every one who lost a loved one in the recent tragedies.
Many of us are far removed geographically, but our hearts are not.
Our thoughts, our hearts, our prayers, our love is & will continue to be with you.

To all the rescuers, of New York, Pennsylvania and DC ... I, we, this entire nation, prays that you know that you are our Hero's.
I pray also that you know that those fallen, nor their families, will ever be forgotten for what they gave & sacrifices made.

To those of you who are about to leave your family, friends and loved ones to fight for us, our freedoms, our home, we bow to you for the sacrifices you and your families are making.
To simply say Thank You could never be enough.
You are our champions, you are our saints.
Know that we will pray every day for each and every one of your safe returns.
Fight hard, fight proud, come home.
God Speed. God Bless.

Now Back to BK Hondamotive ....

Honda & Acura Auto Repair at it's Finest.

Honest & dependable. Oxymorons for auto mechanics, but true. We'll do the best job, for the best price. If it's broke we'll fix it .. if it ain't we don't.
Remember, the best auto repair is preventative maintenance.

Of our own Accord, our Civic duty is the Prelude to an Odyssey

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*AHEM!!!* -- Now that we have your attention (or bad cough) ...
BK Hondamotive would like to include pictures of our Customers' & Web Site Vistors' Cars in our Gallery of Cars (picture above). We think Honda's & Acura's that are loved look so much better
than those anyone would ever see in a show room.
So, if you would like to include Your Honda or Acura in our photo slide, we'd love to display it!
Just attach your cars picture to an email & send it to us! --
Email BKHondamotive -
We'll add your picture within 5 days.
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Map to BK Hondamotive -
1420 S. Church St., Burlington, NC.

We don't just Value Business... We Value People

If you happen to be in the Triad area of NC, drop by the shop & say hello.
If not, drop us a note in our Guest Book - we'd love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy our Web Site & find it useful to you.

Please Bookmark us & come back again.

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Just a (not so small) piece of Advice

No matter what Auto Mechanic you take your Honda or Acura to, Check them out thoroughly!
'A mechanic is a mechanic' just isn't the case.
We recommend, (most preferrably), a Certified Honda/Acura Technician. There is a Difference.

We recommend, also, using Only (if at all possible) Honda/Acura Factory Original replacement parts. Again, there is a Difference. Even if it cost a little more, the value to you is greater in the long run.

We at BK Hondamotive have alot of love for Honda's & Acura's & take much pride in & enjoy helping anyone owning one take the best care of it possible. We know things break, but Honda & Acura cars have the potential, if taken care of, to reach limitless miles. We hope this Web Site will, in at least a small way, help achieve that for you.

We Appreciate Your Business & You.


BK Hondamotive is starting a Mailing List. It will not be a scheduled news letter & we will only send out emails when we think something is important enough to send. Email addresses will be kept private & not sold or used in any other fashion than for BK Hondamotive to do this. If you would like to join this mailing list, enter your e-mail address:

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